Being a digital composer can include various types of media, including pictures. Another way to enhance my development of become a digital writer is by telling stories through visual rhetoric online. Here are a few beginnings of stories that I may soon tell as a blog post here on my WordPress blog.


In January of 2014, the metropolitan area of Atlanta encountered one of the worst bouts of cold weather seen in quite some time. Moving in rather quickly and unexpectedly, many were stranded in their cars, at work, at school, and various other locations. This fateful day, I got to live out every student’s worst nightmare: spending the night at school. This story will offer the perspective of a high school student during this storm, rather than an adult at work or a small child at home.


One Man’s Trash is Your Legacy

trashDuring my senior year of high school, I was given a nickname by my sister, which caught on with a large number of people. Normally, I would graciously accept this kind of affection; however, my nickname was not one someone would usually find flattering (or even nice for that matter). This would be the story of why and how I came to be known as “Trash” during my senior year of high school. My story would be from my personal perspective, which is the girl who was called “Trash,” in contrast to the perspective of anyone else who knew or called me by this nickname.



Month of Tie Dyemonth-of-tie-dye

As previously mentioned in my “About Me” page of this blog, I have always had a love of tie dye, and this is a commonly known fact amongst my friends. My colleagues had made jokes about how much of this pattern I own, and I took these remarks as a challenge. During January and February of 2016, I wore tie dye for a month straight. I want to tell this story because not many people can state that they have worn the same thing for a month straight, and this would be told from the perspective of myself as the person who agreed to take this challenge, which is in opposition to the bystanders who either watched during this month or paid no attention.



I was in marching band all four years of high school, and the last time the seniors perform on the home field during a regular-season football game is referred to as Senior Night. senior-nightThis is always an anticipated moment for marching band participants because the current senior class is allowed to alter the halftime show for the seniors only during this sole performance. This is the story of how I was able to interpretive dance in front of thousands of people. I would want to elaborate on this story because this night is something I will never forget, and I would like to share my perspective of having all those people watch me in doing something I love.


Burn the House Down

My younger sister is intelligent, but she can be a bit absent-minded at times. In December of 2014, she turned making popcorn into an almost-disastrous event. This is the story of how misreading instructions could have been a terrible mistake. I want to tell this story microwavebecause it is humorous while also telling a valuable lesson of reading and following instructions carefully. I would want to tell this story from my personal perspective, which is watching the event take place, rather than being the one to almost cause the accident or the one to deal with the impending consequences.



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