Feature Article Interview

As part of the process for writing a feature article, I was assigned to obtain research from a primary source through a personal interview. As a reminder, my topic is to research what factors play a role in the quality of sibling relationships and how this quality affects other areas of life. For the interview, I wanted to speak with someone whose relationship with their siblings has changed throughout their life and whose relationship I have seen first-hand so that I can be sure of the information my interviewee gives me. Therefore, I decided to interview Ben, a close friend of mine.

Ben is 19 years old with two biological older brothers, 23 and 27. When asked about the relationship with these two people, Ben remarked that his relationship with his brothers seemed fairly normal during their childhood, meaning that their overall relationship wasfighting positive for the most part with the exception of infrequent physical altercations. Shifting to today, he responded that his current relationship with his brothers is overwhelmingly positive by including that his “brothers are [easily] [his] two best friends.” As for the reason behind this change, Ben hypothesized that the closeness they feel has to do with the fact that the three of them are older now; therefore, they hardly ever get into disagreements, and they find more similar interests with age. Extending this relationship to the rest of his family, he immediately chimes in that his “family is extremely close;” he further explains this comment by saying that “there isn’t anything going on in someone’s life that the other [family members] don’t know about.”

Overall, Ben’s responses seemed to coincide with what I hypothesized with beginning this getting-alongproject. By this, I mean that a somewhat large age difference (in this instance, four years) along with all siblings being the same gender affected the relationship negatively during childhood. However, the age gap seemed to diminish with time, leaving room for finding common ground and becoming a positive relationship. In this case, the relationship strengthened incredibly to the point where these brothers also voluntarily choose each other as friends as well.