Feature Article Heuristic

After conducting analyses on different Internet genres, my journey now turns towards research and the writing of a feature article. I completed a heuristic to guide my thinking in order to decide what subject I will pursue. In order to get more familiar with writing about my top five potential subjects, I have decided to post them as an idea entry.

Subject One: Why do people procrastinate?procrastinationlifepro

As a college student, I am well aware that procrastination is somewhat of an academic epidemic among students. However, this problem is also seen in adults and children of all ages. (There are countless websites dedicated to planning and booking vacations at the last second, which is where I ended up after blindly searching lastminute.com.) Therefore, my focus is why people do this. Is it a learned behavior? Is it a coping mechanism? What is playstationso unappealing about being productive? These basic questions, along with others, are just
the surface of all that I would want to know about this universal hesitation. Upon researching this topic, I came across possible explanations from Wait But Why and Psychology Today as to why people might partake in this habit. While this desire to be unproductive is constant, I also found there is a difworkference between procrastinating and advantageously putting off work, as explained by Asian Efficiency. However, the Internet, while it can make you feel better about not doing work, also heightens the will to procrastinate by offering resources like a deadline calendar in order to know when your planned”crunch time” will occur. Personally, I have dealt with procrastinating for several years, which flowchartresults in being able to do mindless activities in exchange for one day of intense panic in trying to make a deadline. If this habit causes so much stress and anxiety, why do humans do it? As a result of this inquiries, I plan to focus on the cause of procrastination.

Subject Two: How do sibling relationships affect people?fightingfor-sale

Although the amount of siblings a person has is not their choice, the relationships had with these people can, seemingly, alter how people behave and yellinggetting-alongthink. Research conducted by organizations like Psychologies and Psychology Today have already discussed that these sibling relationships impact people. However, because I am unsure how much of an impact siblings have, I want to explore this idea further. This research walkingopportunity involves all people since the relationships with siblings, or lack thereof, is present in everyone. This topic can also include only children, adopted children, or children who are part of nontraditional families. Along with the context of these relationships, factors like the birth order of and age difference between siblings, among others, can also work to influence relationships and personalities. Due to the universal application of this subject, I am very much intrigued to learn more. On a personal note, I have a younger sister and our relationship throughout our lives has been dynamic; as a result of this fluctuation, I am interested to know how the quality of relationships with siblings affects individuals as well.

Subject Three: How does music influence individuals?range

In everyday life, sound is constantly headphonespresent, meaning that people may or may not be aware of it. Within this broad spectrum of sound is music. Everyone has some opinion on one genre or another; however, it is clear that music is a strong force in culture. Based on the relatable nature of this subject, I would want to explore how different feelingstypes of music affect behavior, thoughts, and way-of-lifefeelings along with other aspects of life. Psychology Today explains the concept that music does, indeed, affect people, and Sonicbids Blog looks into this idea as an impact on society as a whole. For individuals, it has been explored by Inquiries Journal how music affects intellectual functions, by TED Blogs how genres can impact overall health, and by surgeryScience Friday how sound can actually influence taste. In my life, music has been present in a large way. Apart from just listening to music, I was in band for seven years, so creating music is also important to me. For this reason, I want to learn what importance various musical genres and compositions have on the world.

Subject Four: What importance do light and color have on everyday life? color-and-moodcolor-venn

Whether you reside in nature or tend to spend time inside, light and color, or
the lack thereof, are always present. These
natural understand at the roots, so pages like phenomena can be difficult to How Stuff Works and Color Matters are mood-lightingwhite-houseessential to gaining better knowledge of these concepts initially. Because people tend to be unaware of the presence of these environmental aspects, I want to explore how these large influences on sight affect day-to-day life. The National has conducted previous research on everyday woodsresults of light, and Colour Affects explores the psychological aspects of various colors. Although this research has already been done, it will be interesting to know how the presence of colors can change behaviors, thoughts, and feelings since this is a fairly universal topic. It has been explored on a Buffer Blog how the presence of light can influence overall productivity as well. Even those who are partially or fully colorblind or blind in general would provide a different perspective to this subject. In my life, I have always been fascinated with the presence and absence of light and color, especially in books. The inclusion of symbolism through light and color can be so powerful, so researching how these aspects of life affect people is intriguing to me.

Subject Five: How does one’s confidence or comfort level impact behavior?lionalone-in-crowd
Regardless of whether individuals are aware of it, there is always some level of self-confidence present in every situation, which is whyprograms that are used to build self-confidence are available for purchase. Psychology Today kittystrengthexplains what
confidence is, and a discussion on Quora even questions whether confidence is an emotion or a developed behavior. Through all of this, it is seen that the way people see themselves and their skills seems to impact how they behave and think as seen through psychology theories like the uncertainty reduction theory; since all people come in contact with either positive or negative feelings of mindsetconfidence regularly, I want to research how differing mindsets can affect one’s behavior. The correlations between feelings of confidence and behavior are explored in various sourcesand are made available by organizations like The National Academic Press. In my experience, I have dealt with bouts of both high and low confidence levels, and this fluctuation has seemed to impact overall outcomes. If I pursue this topic further, I would like to know if this correlation is true. Because this topic includes all people, I am intrigued by my potential findings.