From Online Caterpillar to Digital Butterfly

Dialects, memes, stories, and DIYs. Typically, these random assortment of words would seem odd to placed together; however, over the last few weeks, this list has allowed me to have been able to delve more deeply into these digital genres in order to gather a better view of the Internet world. … More From Online Caterpillar to Digital Butterfly


Say What You Meme

As I further explore what the Internet has in store for its users, there is a category of familiar media posts that is not to be ignored: memes. To me, this word seems to be used fairly casually in recent society, but I have never truly been given a definition as to what this phenomenon … More Say What You Meme

Plugging Into Internet Outlets

As someone who is just beginning with analyzing how the Internet and the digital world affect the physical world, it seems fitting to discuss how people connect to the virtual world. One of the basic links between the virtual and the physical worlds is text; whether words are spoken or written, there is a specific way a message is conveyed. The most personal and easily-identifiable way to discuss gaps in the listening and understanding of speech is through … More Plugging Into Internet Outlets