About Me

My name is Taylor Polacheck, and I am currently a freshman student at the Marietta Campus of Kennesaw State University, pursuing my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am originally from Dallas, Georgia, which is located less than twenty miles from my university, and I have lived in this small town for the entirety of my life. Regarding my immediate family, I am the daughter of John and Susan, two public school teachers, and the older sister to Caroline, who is two years younger than myself. I attended public schools in eastern and northern Paulding County until this journey culminated with my graduation from North Paulding High School in May of 2016. Throughout my high school experience, I was an honor student involved in Beta Club, National Honor Society, Wind Symphony concert ensemble, and the Wolfpack Pride Marching Band, through which I took on a leadership role during my senior year. Outside of school, I have attended Macland Presbyterian Church in western Cobb County for the majority of my life where I was involved with a youth group. Also through this church, I served as the youth delegate on the Pastoral Nominating Committee from November of 2014 to June of 2016.

I am very easy-going, and I usually get along with most people pretty easily. My sense of humor can be fairly sarcastic at times, but I particularly enjoy puns. Apart from my studies, I like to spend time relaxing with my family and friends and watching television series on Netflix. I enjoy travelling because my family has been on numerous road trips during my life, which has resulted in me visiting twenty-seven American states. I do not view myself as being very artistic; however, I have a special love for tie dyeing. Wearing articles of tie-dyed clothing has become part of my weekly routine to the point that I have coined the term “Tie Dye Tuesdays,” in which I have participated for four years.

I hope this site provides insight into my journey as a digital writer that is both interesting and beneficial. Stay tuned as I explore and connect to the world we live in as they are “Taylored” to me.


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