Doing a DIY Yourself

This week, I explored yet another digital genre known as DIYs (Do It Yourself). Posts, videos, and articles that fall within this category all work to show the audience how to do something, and the tasks can range from seemingly simple tasks to ones that are massively complex. For my purposes, I decided to go with a fairly simple task with which I am familiar.

There are many topics one can choose for a DIY project. Even simple tasks can require an explanation for someone else, so no task should be overlooked. This is the approach I took when trying to decide which project to choose. I thought about the people in my life and what types of presentations would benefit them. After giving this process some thought, I decided to demonstrate how to text and search the Internet from an iPhone.

I wanted to focus this explanation more towards Digital Immigrants, which are those people that are usually unfamiliar with new technology and did not grow up with these technological advances present. I chose this topic because my dad is a Digital Immigrant and just recently received his first smartphone. He is in constant need of reminders and reassurance of how to do simple functions with his new phone, so I figure that there must be numerous others who need this assistance too; therefore, I feel like this presentation would be useful in the world today. My instructions should also be trusted for this reason; I have had to explain and reexplain to my dad how to do these tasks, so I am familiar with how to simply demonstrate how to do this.

After completing this task, I realize that there many steps to even simple tasks that can become second-nature with repetition. When trying to obtain all the necessary images for this task, I had to use more than I originally thought was necessary, and this was just to make sure I did not leave any important information out during my explanation. It was also difficult to describe what certain items looked like on the screen without using a verbal explanation because I had to assume that I was demonstrating this task to someone who has no prior knowledge of how to use and iPhone. Overall, this project was somewhat difficult; however, I did learn effective tools (i.e. specific speech and visual aids) to be able to explain other and more complex tasks to others.


DIY Presentation Click Here


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