If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Where Does That Leave Digital Stories?

In the context of enhancing my digital writing skills, there is an obvious genre that must be addressed as a part of this process: storytelling. Stories are all around us in our everyday lives, and we become storytellers in ordinary conversation unconsciously. However, for digital stories, we are purposefully typing out a story to share for our followers and anyone else who comes along, so we now have to be aware of our stories. “What stories are there to tell?”, “what stories are worth telling?”, and “how should one go about telling such stories?” are all questions any digital storyteller faces.

As a part of developing this type of digital writing for me personally, I have created a digital story of my own. This process began with me going through pictures on my phone and listing possible stories with representative pictures as a form of brainstorming. Next, I took the five of these stories that I wanted to develop a little further in order to get a clearer sense of each story. After presenting these top five stories to some peers, I decided which story to tell fully, and I gathered various photographs of my own (along with some others) to have a selection to use within my story. By sketching these pictures with a small caption on a storyboard, I had a detailed concept of how to proceed.

My digital story focuses on my personal experience with having to spend the night at school after being stranded by an unanticipated winter storm. In my story, I focus on the uncertainty of the looming weather and describe the night inside a school. I have been trapped at school and now live to tell the tale, so join me in surviving “Every Students’ Worst Nightmare” by following the link below.


Digital Story Click Here


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